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How An Online Business Could Be Affected By Bad Weather

For a couple of months last winter, the UK was hit by gale force winds and a months worth of rain in just days. Homes and businesses had been flooded and the rain kept on coming. Fortunately, it didn't affected me much but for others if had been an absolute nightmare!

Businesses were losing money because they had to shut up shop as the flood water entered their premises and others had lost a lot of trade because nobody could get to them. Also some homes and businesses had been without power for weeks. Would an online business be affected by these kinds of storms?

To a degree, yes but not the same kind of damaging scale as a normal bricks and mortar business. If you run your online business from home then your home could still get flooded... but your business can still be running in the background.

If you have no power to your home, you won't be able to log onto the internet to do updates to your websites or other online tasks... but it is still running online on the server. People can still come to your website and order from you, auto responder emails will still be sent. A few customers with power cuts won't be able to order from you but as your business is open to a global market this will have very little affect on your profits.

However, if you sell physical products there could be some delivery issues if you can't get to the post office or the post office is flooded! So you might get cancellations if you can't get the products out to your customers. Digital products though such as eBooks, ecourses, membership websites etc won't be affected by delivery problems. Normal bricks and mortar businesses will need to wait for the floods to reside, get their premises back up together before they can let customers back through the door!

An online business will still be able to take orders even if your office or home is flooded. You won't need to shut up shop completely until the floods reside and your premises refitted. Think how damaging it would be to your life if you couldn't trade for 2 months or more. So in these kind of storms an online business will still have an advantage over other businesses. Quite a big advantage!

Maybe you could use an online business as a second income stream to your main business and then at least you still have some money coming in if something like this happens to you. Once you've got to grips with online marketing and you have many online customers your profits may even start to exceed your traditional businesses as your expenses costs are much, much less!

You may even decide to close your traditional business and continue as an online business only. Some companies have already done this.

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How To Find A Product That Actually Sells

Something's wrong... You've taken time to find a product, you've got your sales page or website up and running and you're ready to go... You wait anxiously for the sales to come pouring in and nothing! You thought you had it all sussed. So what's gone wrong? The most common mistake that most people make when it comes to selling is choosing the product first, before finding the hungry crowd. You can build the best mousetrap in the world. But if people don't have mice... You'll be waiting forever to sell your mousetraps! Whereas if you find people infested with mice, you'll be able to sell them almost any mousetrap. And this golden rule applies in any kind of business. Before you start any business, or find a product, you need to First find a hungry crowd... And then offer them what they need. But how do you find your hungry crowd? There are lots of ways to find hungry crowds and the great thing about living in the internet age, is that there are so many easy ways to find what people want before you start to find a product. Here are a few of them; Forums Forums are a great way to find out what people are commenting on and using this information to find products to sell. Social Media Sites like Facebook Log into any social media site and you're sure to find posts that are asking for information on something. If you've got a particular product in mind, a quick search into the search engines will provide details of how many people search for that particular product or topic. Once you have found your hungry crowd, all you then need to do is to source a product to provide a solution. There are 2 easy ways that you can go about doing this; 1. Create your own product It just means investing some time into thoroughly researching the subject or even interviewing someone else who is an expert on that topic, and then compiling a digital product on that subject. 2. Find a product to sell as you own The other option, which saves you the time and cost of creating your own product, is to purchase a licence to sell someone else's product that you can then rebrand and re sell as your very own product. This is commonly referred to as PLR (private label rights). PLR is without doubt, the next best thing to having your own product as not only can you rebrand it as your own product but it offers a quick and high return too as you can literally sell it for any price you choose... and you'll be amazed by how much people will pay you for these types of products.

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