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About us

Knolee Library (Knolee) is a content repository for electronic texts, photos and links to YouTube videos.

Knolee Ezine is a collection of business related high quality materials.

Knolee provides an opportunity for authors and publishers to promote themselves and receive incomes from their topnotch content. Once you become a Knolee member you get your personal account and keep informed on its balance. Once the material added by you is published in Knolee Library you start receiving benefits from it. Once you fill in and setup your web profile, it becomes your free ads space on our website (moreover, you receive incomes for that, too).

Knolee offers authors an opportunity to specify author's rights on materials. It means that you can reserve further republishing for yourself or make Knolee your authorized representative for such cases.

Knolee is a free B2C service provided by on the conditions of limited liability.

Note for editors: please request a permission to republish the materials of Knolee that are *not* a subject of limited copyright.

See our Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Knolee Benefits and Submission Guidelines for more information.

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