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Knolee Contacts

Knolee Contacts is an integral network for Knolee Library readers and authors. Like in any social network you can ask people to become your connection by sending invitation to them.  

You can send invitations in several ways:

  • Send invitation to an e-mail like gmail,
  • Import contacts from CSV/VCard and various sources and select the contacts to send invitations,
  • Search contacts from Knolee Contacts database and send invitations to them,
  • Send invitations to the people who share connections with your connections.

Once you made connection, you are free to manage social activities like:

  • Exchanging messages with your contacts,
  • Writing notes on your contacts' whiteboards,
  • Posting comments on your contacts' materials,
  • Create groups and invite people to join (not available yet),
  • Arrange offline events much like meetup (not available yet), etc.
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