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Top 7 Proven Words That Your Ad Copy Can't Live Without

These are the secret words that will increase your sales conversion overnight. No matter what you sell..These 7 words really work!.

(1) Make use of the word "Fast" or "Quick" in your ad.

We all want quick results, fast delivery, quick customer services, fast shipping, etc. Why is that? The reason is simple ==> "Time Is Money!"

The faster your service or result in using your product is, the more satisfied will be your customers.

For example: "Our Product Delivers Quick Results!" or "Fast Delivery For All Customers."

(2) Make use of the word "Guarantee" in your ad.

This is a proven word that every marketer should use. It is THAT important for this reason ==> "Assurance"!

You must assure your potential customers that they are not risking anything in buying your product. This gives you more credibility and you'll experience a boost in sales conversion.

The classic examples are: "Here Is My Iron-Clad 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!" or "My 365-Day 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!"

(3) Make use of the word "Limited" in your ad.

The word "Limited" provoke a sense of uniqueness, rarity and also a sense of urgency in your potential customer's mind.

One thing you should always remember: "The SCARECER is your product, the MORE valuable will it be in the eyes of your potential customers."

Examples are: "For A Limited Time Only, You'll Receive..." or "This Offer Is Limited To The Next 19 Orders Only!"

(4) Make use of the word "Easy" or "Simple" in your ad.

I'm a lazy person, aren't you? :o) I like it when it gets easy. It's human nature. So, take advantage of this weakness!

Use phrases like: "This Is The Easiest Way To Lose 15 Pounds In 3 Days!" or "How A Simple Exercise Improve My Memory In One Day!"

(5) Make use of the word "Testimonial" in your ad.

Why should I believe you? Does your product really work? I want proof... believable proof... specific proof from happy customers!!!!

Here are simple examples of how to include this word in your ad: "Skeptical? Check Out The Hundreds Of Testimonials Of Happy Customers We Received To Date!" or "Here Are Unsolicited Testimonials Of People Who Have Been Using Our Products..."

(6) Make use of the word "Free" in your ad.

This is, without doubt, the most popular word in marketing. But, over the time, it has lost some of its appeal because many marketers have been misusing it SO frequently.

But the good news is that the word "Free" still works if you know how to use it!

Examples are: "Get A FREE 5 Day Mini-Course On How To Save YOUR Marriage Today!" or "Order Today And Receive 5 Super Exclusive Bonuses Worth A $97 Value FREE!"

(7) Make use of the word "Secret" in your ad.

Yes! You read it right. The word "secret" can dramatically boost the response of your ad. This is an amazing word. It provokes a powerful sense of curiosity in the reader's mind.

Common examples are: "Discover The Jealousy Guarded Secrets Of..." or "Here Are The Secrets To..."

Before I pen off this article, I would like you to always remember one thing when writing an ad copy...

==> People buy with their emotions NOT with their mind.

Make sure that you include some emotional words in your advertisement. Use words like: love, security, freedom, fun, satisfaction, etc., and also use words that provoke fear like: scams, mistakes, dangerous, etc.

Copyright 2006. Jonathan Teng

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