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Top THREE Reasons Your Product Is Not Selling

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet. Be smart and use it for your niche product. For example, if you see an article directory, look at the statistics of articles. Which category is getting the most hits? Which articles are

Huh? You are selling a product? I didn't know that! Why didn't you say so?" So, the number *ONE* reason you aren’t selling your product or service is that you don't advertise.

"Oh...this product? They are giving it away free. Why should I pay for it if I am getting it for free?" The top *TWO* reason is that you are trying to sell a freely available product or service.

"Do you have any other product? I don't have much use for this." The top *THREE* reason is that there is no demand for the product.

Getting the grip? Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

1. Advertise Every Day … Hour … Minute …

The people and the world should know about your product or service. They have to visit your web site to see your product. Then what are you waiting for? Tell them that you have this great product that will benefit them.

Go for pay per click engines. Bid for keywords. See how your web site is getting hits. People think that PPCs are expensive. But no. If we bid reasonably without getting into a bidding war, pay per click engines are a very reliable source for getting targeted traffic to your site.

Submit your website to search engines. Optimize with good keywords and an inviting title tag before submitting. Save the top 10 - 15 search engines in your Favorites folder. Submit to them manually. Don't buy any search engine submission software. It’s not worth it.

Write ezine articles. Submit them to article-accepting web sites and publishers to reproduce them in their ezines. Ezine articles are a great way of getting traffic without spending a penny.

Go to Ezine Directories and search for the ezine publishers that accept articles. Select your target ezines and send the publishers your articles. Remember the golden rule: don't flood them with articles. If you do, they might refuse your articles once and for all. Use autoresponder/mailing list software to load your articles and set it to send every 30 days.

Start your own opt-in list and offer an ezine of your own or a free course that people might be interested in. You can send promotional emails to your subscribers, which is a great way to promote your business.

Other methods of advertisings are:

Ad swaps

Free and paid ads in ezines

Link exchanges

Classified ad submissions

Banner advertising

Participate in discussion forums and message boards

Offline methods

Really, there is no end to this list. Whether you use free or paid advertising methods ALWAYS spend 70% of your time on advertising.

2. Don’t Try to Sell Ice at the North Pole

If you are trying to sell a freely available service or product, why would people bother to pay you for something they can get for free?

Before you start selling a product, look around you. If your service or product is freely available on the net, think twice before selling it. Only sell it if your service/product has a unique characteristic that people don't find freely on the net.

How do you know that the product that you are going to sell is freely available on the net? Simple. Add the word 'free' to your product and search the term in search engines. Sites offering similar product freely will show up.

OK... so you really want to sell ice at the North Pole? Make ice sculptures and sell them. Write a book on how to make sculptures or decorations with ice and sell it.

Want to sell a freely available product? Then give it a Unique Selling Position. Add some unique property to your product. Add bonuses. Offer free upgrades that they won't get with free products.

3. Sell Water in the Sahara

Right now information products are number one selling products on the internet. People are seeking information. Information about making money online, building a web site fast, selling their product, how to cook and serve, how to repair electronics without paying lot for repair services...

There is no end to the above list and there is no limit to the information seeking areas. All you have to do is find the hot market.

To find the good product, you have to do a little research. Put a form on your web site and ask your visitors what they are trying to locate or have been searching for in the last three months. Or do searches for forums on your topic of interest. Learn what people are seeking.

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet. Be smart and use it for your niche product. For example, if you see an article directory, look at the statistics of articles. Which category is getting the most hits? Which articles are being read by people most often... why... what’s in them?

So sell a product that has demand. It doesn’t matter whether it is your own product or an affiliate product.

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