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Clarity, Focus and Action - Keys to Getting Work You Love!

Clarity, focus and action bring the work you love right to you. If you only say, "I want or need a job" then what you will receive will NOT be exactly what you want. Get clear and specific. Learning from others is a great way to learn the principl

By Dr. Iris Fanning

Clarity, focus and action are the keys to creating a truly abundant life. People learn well by reading "stories" that illustrate principles. This is a real, true life "story" of a client who was suffering in a difficult job. His attitude at home, his health and his relationships were being negatively impacted. Mike's name has been change, so that the real client is anonymous. Here's Mike's path to career abundance.

Mike worked for one organization for 11 years. During the last 2 years things had become very unpleasant, even painful for him. Mike’s boss was gone all the time and left him in charge (with no pay raise and little thanks).

People on staff and his clients saw Mike as second in command. Many of the staff had begun to resent Mike because they felt he had too much power and wasn’t even their boss. Little did they know, Mike had several conversations with his boss letting him know that he didn’t want to fill in for his boss and that others we’re becoming angry. Things did not change. Additionally, a small but powerful group of employees began talking about Mike behind my back. Their conversations would stop cold when he walked in the room. Mike was feeling isolated, not supported, angry and dreaded going to work.

Mike knew he had to leave and kept saying “I need to get out of here. I need another job.” His boss took a one-month assignment overseas, once again leaving Mike pretty much in charge.

Mike made a firm DECISION to leave. However, all he kept repeating is "I've got to get out of here." Within a few months a friend of Mike’s called and said her boss wanted to hire Mike. He was elated. The new position would start in 2 months.

Mike then recalled all the negative things his friend had told him about this new work environment. There were many problems with the staff. The staff was closed and cold. The clients were demanding and egotistical. Wages were frozen. The boss demanded that the person in the position Mike was taking fill in for the boss when the boss was was gone. This occurred frequently.

YIKES!!!!! Since Mike was NOT specific about what he wanted, Mike had created an opportunity to work in the exact SAME environment he was trying to leave!!!! Mike was wise enough to decline this position.

This is about the time Mike called for coaching. I coached Mike to thoroughly determine what kind of work he really wanted. Not only the kind of work, but the type of environment. Mike determined what he REALLY wanted. Here’s a partial list of what Mike really wanted.

• I want to be well respected.

• I want to be creative and have my ideas valued.

• I want to work in my field of expertise.

• I will set strong boundaries. My work is mine-the boss’s work is his/hers.

• I have a lightness and fun at the work place.

• I enjoy my co-workers and they enjoy and value me.

• I make a difference.

• I earn more money.

Mike began to visualize and expect that what he wanted would soon be offered to him. In our coaching I had Mike outline the specific steps it would take to make his ideas a reality. I sent him frequent e-mails of encouragement and additional ideas. Our weekly coaching sessions kept him moving and in a prime frame of mind to make his work change a reality. He took intelligent, exciting action each day. Within two-months Mike was offered and accepted his TRULY ABUNDANT career position.

There is great power in clarity, purpose and action in creating an abundant life.

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