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Consumers Avoid Bankruptcy and Post-Holiday Blues with Credit Card Debt Settlement Solution

Caught up by the holiday excitement, millions of shoppers will buy gifts overcharging on credit cards. The New Year's aftermath may leave many cardholders overextended and opting for bankruptcy. However, debt relief savior, Debt Free League offers a powerful bankruptcy alternative.

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Recognizing the biggest season for retailers, credit card debt reduction specialist, Debt Free League cautions people to monitor credit card spending during this holiday season.

Even dampened holiday spirits and tightened household finances won't stop compulsive credit card charging to fulfill holiday shopping.

Despite the ten percent-plus unemployment rate, retail sales in November rose 1.3 percent, nearly twice as much as economists had predicted from October. The early signs warn that many Americans are going deeper in debt. However, Debt Free League has a New Year's resolution for debtors tormented by high credit card balances.

After Thanksgiving and Christmas follow the busiest months for the company. Their National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan begins to attract more consumers in panic from bigger debts and financial hardships.

The debt settlement program is also headed for a record-breaking New Year...

According to the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts., bankruptcy filings in the third quarter of 2009 increased 34.5 percent over 2008. Business bankruptcies also rose 52 percent. Consequently, they expect to help more people who want to avoid bankruptcy.

Opposed to credit counseling, which reaches concessions with creditors to reduce the debt's finance charges, their service negotiates with creditors a debt settlement, which can deeply discount the debt's principal and interest.

"We can get you substantial savings off your personal, medical, and business debt, or creditor judgment," asserts Senior Debt Negotiator, Mark Anthony McIntosh.

Their website recently posted numerous debt settlement letters on negotiations the company reached with creditors. The total client savings reported are 50 to 83 percent.

Mr. McIntosh adds, "We've helped many clients who owe about $30,000 in debt, can't afford the credit counseling minimum payments, and don't want to file bankruptcy."

Their debt relief service offers numerous advantages:

  • Debt settlement industry's lowest fees
  • Assistance to stop collection calls
  • $2,500 minimum debt requirement

Plus, a client can get out of debt much quicker than a credit counseling program - usually within 32 months - while avoiding bankruptcy.

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